Where does a #Girlboss go when it rains?

Where does a #Girlboss go when it rains?

I have the great fortune to keep (virtual) company with a huge number of total kick ass women. It is so inspiring watching these ladies kicking goals and celebrating their incredible successes. It is like breathing in some kind of rarified air being amongst such accomplished #girlbosses. But, every now and again, it can also kind of catch you off guard and see you turning on yourself. Amongst such stories of strength and success, where do you turn when you're floundering or vulnerable?

In a moment of melancholy I was driven to wonder, with the rise and proliferation of the (fantastic) women's empowerment movement on social media...what does happen when we falter? My pondering didn't really bring me a solution...but it did bring me to the rather unexpected place of poetry!! A book from my childhood (Where does a Butterfly go when it Rains?) provided the inspiration:


Where does a #Girlboss go when it rains,

when the words wont come, or the numbers are lame?

What will become of a #queen when she falls,

when the #fierce-ness and #winning just stumbles and stalls?

When all those around you are #living the dream,

Is there room to be broken, or will you clog the machine?

If the clouds have rolled in and hail is unending,

And you’ve tried to push on but you’re only pretending…

With the #glam squads and #yolos and #wahms kicking goals,

Is it ok to say you are out in the cold?

With success all around you it’s hard to #believe

That no one is perfect and not all’s as it seems.

It would be #awesome if #killing it was without any pains

But we all need a shelter to use when it rains. 


Success is all around us. We see it highlighted and celebrated across our TVs, print and social medias. It is wonderful to see a generation of women achieving on such a grand scale, but it can be easy to forget that they too would have faltered and failed along the way. 

Much like parenthood, it would be ideal if there was a forum - or shelter if you like - where people would put their hands up and admit to the shit stuff, so the rest of us could nestle there on our own "rainy days". But it happens too rarely, in both arenas, to comfort the majority of us through darker times. 

We need to know that its ok to have our stormy moments. And, again, much like parenthood, when they come we just have to hang on for dear life until we catch sight of the rainbow that follows.

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