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"I was Just Trying To Read a BOOK!!!"

BUT, not only was he feeling lucky, he was also feeling persistent. I started to a) feel sorry for the poor guy, and b) realise that the quickest way to get back to my book was just to bloody well put out so he would go away again. So, without much further ado the deed was done and, courtesy of the aforementioned sex drought in out house, I was back to my book in no time!! Winning.

Faux Fur Faux Pas! My Legally Blonde moment...

"So, at 10am on Saturday morning I am present and accounted for at the local sports grounds with my son, our small white furry dog (in hot pink coat with fur collar), the team’s oranges, my questionably age inappropriate denim boiler suit, and a hastily grabbed puffer vest with, wait for it…fur lined hood. Of course, I had my sunnies on because the fucking sun makes me sneeze and there’s nothing I can do about it, so if I’m outside, they’re on."