RawMums: Far Kew gets real with us.

RawMums: Far Kew gets real with us.


It is no secret to anyone who knows me (and many people who don't!) that I am a HUGE fan of this week's RawMums guest. This chick makes me totally ROFLOL like little else, and reading her hilarious profanity ridden rantings was what made me feel like maybe I too could be accepted by a broader community, and gave me the confidence to give my writing a go.

If you haven't already, do yourself a favour and get around her at and follow her on Facebook here.

Without further ado, it is with a huge amount of pleasure, and an even larger amount of embarrassing fan-girling that I present to you the one and only Far Kew as this week's HFDTRH RawMum.

I am Far Kew, an Aussie mum of two who finds everyday things really fucking irritating. Like the popularity of kale, unexpected items in the bagging area and humble braggers.

I’m kind of a big deal, not very humble and write a weekly rant that will bring tears to your eyes. Nobody is safe from my wrath.

I have two kids, a 2 year old son, and 4 year old daughter.

Q: Name three things you never thought you would do as a parent that you absolutely do now;

Oh god. So many things! No dummy, no rocking to sleep, no co-sleeping, no food that wasn’t organic (yes, you can laugh), no packet foods, little or no television, no junk food! Yes it’s safe to say I have done all of those things and more. Never judge a mother until you’ve been one! Bless that big rectangular baby sitter. 

Q:  Most unexpected aspect of parenting?

Well I expected to not get much sleep, but nothing prepared me for the delusions I experienced due to sleep deprivation. With my first I woke up in sweats after having a dream that I had smothered my baby and I was sleeping on top of her. After searching frantically under the doona I saw her fast asleep in her bassinet beside me. The loss of identity was something I was also not expecting. I was one of those annoying women that said the baby would “fit in with my lifestyle”. Yeah, right. To some degree it has, but boy has my life changed!

Q: What would you consider your parenting highlight?

Those little glimmers of hope in between all the fighting and craziness of my two are the “I love you mummy” moments. The cuddles and the kisses make you feel 100 feet tall. Watching them grow and develop into little people has been mind blowing and off the scale of anything I’d imagined. This is sounding rather Hallmarky isn’t it? 



Q: And your parenting lowlight?

Post Natal Depression with my son. THE WORST moments of my life were feeling paralysed physically due to PND and sleep deprivation. I’ll talk about that to anyone who will listen because the more mums feel supported and realise it’s a very common thing, the more people will seek help and support from doctors, counsellors, family and friends.  

 Q: Best piece of parenting wisdom you’ve ever received / thought of yourself to share;

“Watch your baby, not the clock”. I became obsessed with getting my first baby into a routine and devoured every book on the subject before throwing them in the bin. None of them worked, she was just one of those boob obsessed cluster feeding, non sleepers.

I wrote down everything she did on a notepad marking the times to try and make sense of it. You don’t make sense of newborns! It seems ridiculous now, but I was determined to “do it right”.  I don’t know if it is a co-incidence, but with my second baby I never looked at the time, we just went with the flow of the day and I gave him what he needed according to his requests and we smashed the routine together.  He was the textbook dream baby.  



 Q: Describe Parenthood in 5 words or less:

Exhausting, Enlightening, Raw, Loving, Forever.

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