Raw Mums: Kate Shelby, Australian Mum

Raw Mums: Kate Shelby, Australian Mum

I'm so excited to be bringing you a new interview series - RAW MUMS.

Each week we will be diving Head First Down the Rabbit Hole with a kick ass mum who will share her own raw take on the ups and downs of parenting. First up, Kate Shelby from

Kate Shelby,  Australian Mum

Kate Shelby, Australian Mum

My name is Kate Shelby. I’m an Australian blogger at I’m a mother & lover of superheroes in tight pants. I am local to Brisbane where I raise my 3 children, Ryan 10, Chelsea 6 and Hayley 4.

Q: Name three things you never thought you would do as a parent that you absolutely do now;

Start drinking coffee, Stop my original career choice, Say things my Mother used to say!

Q:  Most unexpected aspect of parenting?

I don’t think you realise before your children are born that they come in different shapes, sizes AND personalities. You could have a child that doesn't like to sit still then have another one who prefers to sit and read books. Dealing with those dynamics in the household is probably something I didn't really plan for. I’m surprised I’m still half sane.

Q: What would you consider your parenting highlight?

Separation. I know that’s meant to be a lowlight. Separation allowed me to be the parent I want to be. Spending quality time with my children - Not concerned about having to have everything someone else’s way all of the time. Learning that if I want my children to respect themselves, I have to show them in my actions.

Q: And your parenting lowlight?

My son was diagnosed with cancer and spent his first two years mostly in hospital. Surviving unfortunately comes with a cost. I’m parenting a child who has been through both trauma and a brain injury. “Normal” parenting often gets thrown out of the window.

A lot of people will never understand how hard I work each day because they are only looking at the surface. I guess at times I feel like I sat by his side and watched him fight for his life, only to be discriminated and alienated because he is different. That’s a major lowlight. 

Q: Best piece of parenting wisdom you’ve ever received / thought of yourself to share;

This was recently. I don’t really believe in parenting wisdom from other parents, we are all fighting same battle - but so very different at the same time.

I also find it difficult to accept parenting advice from older people because we live in a totally different social environment. Something Gary Vaynerchuck said on social media is that we need to give our children confidence, we need to build them up.

I think in a world where we try to find reason for every situation such as bullying, incompetent schools etc etc we forget we are our child's biggest influence. Nobody can take that away from us.

Q: Describe Parenthood in 5 words or less:

Tired, Poo, Crumbs, Worth it. 

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